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Paul Diffendaffer has been moving to music since the 80's, when he was a certified aerobics instructor, but he came to dance later in life. Although he began with no rhythm in his feet, he's become skillful in social dancing, learning everything from West Coast Swing to Viennese Waltz.

He believes that if
he can learn how to dance, anyone can! He focuses on safety, having fun, and the social experience in partner dancing. To him, social dancing is a wonderful part of being human that everyone should experience.

Paul studied West Coast Swing for four years in the Bay Area under
Kelly Casanova, has taken Mario Robau's West Coast Swing intensive workshop and continues his education with Myles and Tessa's Swing Literacy Development Program.  


He feels honored to have the privilege of teaching at Candela Dance Studio in Grants Pass since 2015.

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